Interior design – how to decorate your kitchen 


Kitchen is heart of the home, place where you will be spending lot of time preparing food for your loved ones and making family gatherings at Sunday mornings. It’s important to have well functioned kitchen, with organized space and equipped with all additions, the main thing is to use every inch available to get on space, so you don’t feel crowded.

Here are few basic ideas that will make your work in kitchen easier. 

1. Decide what type of kitchen you want, do you prefer more modern glossy look or more traditional one. It important to decorate your kitchen in a way you feel most pleasant.

2. Put a sink, stove and fridge in one line. When making food you will be using all three of them in the same time, so it’s best to have them by hand, in that way you won’t be making a mess around the kitchen and you won’t be all over the place.

3. Avoid putting cabinets above the sink. Most of them will over the years react on steam and that may become damaged. Steam will collect on bottom parts of cabinets while you are using hot water.

This is one bad example of using your work space in kitchen.

This is one bad example of using your work space in kitchen.

4. Don’t use working space to keep your kitchen devices; it will lose its purpose. For small devices make built in shelves where you can dispose you microwave, coffee machine, juicer, toaster.

5. While decorating your kitchen and you don’t have enough money to buy new devices, make room for them, so when the time comes to buy them you won’t be in situation of not having a place where to put them.

6. Things you use on daily basis keep at the reach of your hand, in that way you will avoid putting the away every day and bringing them back.

7. Even if it looks appealing to display you kitchen tools all over the place, don’t do it! Over the time it will collect dust and it’s not hygienic. Put all that away in cabinets, your kitchen will look more organized and you will get on space.

8. Use every inch of available space. If you are decorating a new kitchen or rearranging the old one it always useful to use every part of the space, so you can storage you groceries, kitchen tools and devices. You can make decorative shelves on the free wall and dispose all that in organized order. So it will always be by your hand.

9. Depending on how you kitchen is big you can either make bar with bar stools to save space or if you have dining room you can arrange it with nice set of wooden table and four chair. Any way you choose will bring refreshing touch to your kitchen.

10. One of the hardest parts is how to choose the color for your kitchen. If you choose too bright colors it would be hard to fit it in with the rest of the home, but if you choose too dark colors your kitchen will look depressive. It is always the best to find middle and some color that will blend into your home and into your mood. For more kitchen ideas and inspirations, check out: Houzz or House Beautiful.

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What does interior design it include? 


Interior design earlier was a symbol of prestige; luxury available only to the royal houses and wealthy aristocracy but recently it is accessible to everyone in the modern way of life. Compliance colors, materials, functionality and aesthetics are the main characteristics of high-quality interior.

Do you need advice in interior design, ideas for the interior? How to build a bathroom? How to decorate your living room so you will more like it? How to choose curtains for the living room -shorts or long, green or any other color?  How to build a small apartment? Then you should here some advices or consult an expert. They can certainly help you or give you the ideas for interior design, for bathroom, for decorating the kitchen, for small bathrooms, for decorating a small apartment and so on. Sometimes this is not a job to do it on your own; maybe you should call an expert to help you to use your space in the best possible way. basis of your apartment, description of the apartment with the demands of changes (a scanned sketch with dimensions and current positions of the furniture or 2D technical drawing flat). And they offer you the possibility of interior design online. That is, they will respond to you with 2-3 possible design solutions space in 2D and 3D versions, so you can look forward the benefits of your interior. And all this at a very affordable price!

Treat yourself with a feeling of complete satisfaction in the space created by your or their design. See a visual 3D view of your future home or business premises. With their help you can achieve a complete interior design of the measurement space, creating conceptual designs to the realization itself.

Interior design is very important to get ideas for decorating into practice in a professional manner. The practitioner, with extensive experience whose job it is to regulate the interior in the best possible way will get your idea to implement. They will give you an economical, functional and aesthetically customized solution. According to Pasadena interior designers 27 Diamonds, there are several phases of the interior design process:


Development of preliminary project (sketch)

This is often two to three variants of the arrangement of rooms and organization furniture in the apartment (house). The price includes on-ground, measure the space and preliminary design in two or three dimensions.

  1. DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF approved version

After the selection of a design that suits your needs and wishes they start with brainstorming:

  • Floors and walls with characteristic syllable (ceramics, flooring …)
  • Ceiling with lighting disposition
  • Creation of 3D projects adopted variant
  1. CONSULTING       

Consulting includes:

  • Selection of the final interior paneling for the wallsprocess-control-dubai-uae (paint, art, tapestry …), floors (parquet, ceramics …) and ceilings (plasterboard, wooden beams …)
  • Stock selection of furniture
  • Stock selection sanitation, taps and accessories
  • Stock selection of lighting
  • Final selection of decorative elements in the interior (curtains, carpets, greenery, fountains …)


  • Joiner’s drawings to scale furniture that is made
  1. Interior SUPERVISION   
  • Monitoring the execution of all interior positions as needed until the end

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